Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cajun Corn Macque Choux

Creamy, buttery, flavorful, and the perfect backdrop to fried...or saucy...or spicy Cajun food.

This dish, pronounced "mock shoe," is hands down, my and John's favorite NOLA side dish. If it's on the menu, it's on our bill.

I like this version from a friend's uncle, mostly because it is not really a recipe at all, but a few structured suggestions. This word document circulates in their family and I was lucky enough to receive it. Try it out for your next barbecue or picnic--it's great hot, cold, or room temp. Experiment by adding different colors of bell pepper, ham, or sausage.


Notes about this recipe: Corn Maque Choux is proprietary to each chef. While some chefs specify only fresh corn, others recommend a mix of frozen and fresh; some even include andouille. Do not feel limited in the types of ingredients to use. This is the reason quantities of ingredients are not given.

1. Bring a pot of salted water to a rolling boil
• Fresh corn (remove husks and silk first)

2. Add corn to pot and boil for 7-10 minutes or until kernels are tender.

3. Remove corn from water and cut the corn off cob. Reserve water for Step 4.

4. In the pot used to boil corn, bring to boil
• Bare corn cobs cut in thirds
• Heavy cream
• Some of the water that the corn was boiled in to bring the cream and cob
mixture to the right viscosity
•Chicken bouillon cube(s) (do not add salt until the end)

5. In a pan, sauté in butter:
• Red bell pepper (red chosen for aesthetic reasons)
• Finely chopped onions

6. Mix corn into sautéed vegetables, add corn cob/cream stock mixture to reach desired liquidity.
• Season with Tony Chachere's to taste

-Development Chef Chris Schully, Taylor Farms

Some macque choux inspirations:

Classic-looking macque choux with some parsley for color.

Pretty macque choux with okra

The ugliest, but yummiest.  This is my favorite macque choux, from Jacques Imo's in NOLA 


Anne Doussan said...

Corn Macque Choux = home. I suddenly have something i absolutely must make/consume today, and I can't think about anything else!

JeffreyD said...

D- Great job posting one of my favs as well. I always keep a pint or two in my freezer just in the off chance friends come over to do their laundry and never leave at dinner time.

One important thing to remember, you are basically making cream corn. If you want it thicker, use more cream, cook it down longer, etc. If you want more of a sauteed corn type dish, do the opposite.

You have the pro version there, if you are tight on time, you can skip over the corn stock step and replace with water or vegetable stock. I have done it, it's just not as good.

flynn said...

How is it that I've never eaten this dish? blasphemy, blaspha-you ... I know what I'm doing with my CSA basket now! Thanks, D!