Monday, January 10, 2011

What To Do With Bacon Jam

Bacon Jam and 15-spice Ketchup, ready for application.
A few weeks ago, I posted about Bacon Jam as I was making it for Christmas gifting. I enjoy project cooking, so the actual making of the jam was a great time. But the applications of this spread are far better and varied than I realized. 

So if you haven't already committed next Saturday to making Bacon Jam, here's a little something to sway you. Or, if you were lucky enough to receive some, here's some ideas to get you started.

 Spread on a burger patty laced with bleu cheese, topped with onions and mushrooms.

Top rye party toasts with bleu cheese, toast, for an hors d'ouevre.

Stir into a plain soup, like Julia Child's leek & potato, or this pictured butternut squash and apple. Add just before serving.

Of course, smear on toast for an open-faced egg sandwich.

 Or, a upgrade more classic egg & cheese sandwich.

...You get the idea.  Have your own use for Bacon Jam? Do tell!

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Anne said...

I seriously want to eat all of these things now!!!