Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Open-faced BLE

Some people are good at hiding their emotions. I am not one of them.

A few years ago I was at a grocery store sandwich counter for lunch with my boss. I was expecting the usual smorgasboard of options--Iceberg, American, green bell pepper. So, I couldn't hide my delight when I saw the premium upgrades before me. I could get brie! I could get chutney.  And finally, I couldn't hold back, I practically yelled:

"Oh my God, they have ARUGULA!". The unnecessarily excited exclamation was (justifiably) brought up frequently thereafter. In meetings, emails, and phone calls, and of course, client dinners.

This peppery, healthy lettuce is great in hot dishes like pasta, pizza, or panini. It's equally wonderful in cold salads.

The slightly bitter taste plays out well in this easy breakfast sandwich.

French baguette, day-old is fine
2 eggs
2 strips of bacon
Lots of ARUGULA!
Black pepper

Cook the bacon however you like it. I use turkey bacon. 

To get the eggs oozy and blissful, start by heating well the skillet. Add butter and wait till foam subsides, indicating it's very hot. Carefully crack eggs into the pan and pepper well.

To set the top of the eggs, you can either flip them (it can be tricky) or cover the pan for a few minutes.

Slice the baguette lengthwise and heat, cut side down in the leftover bacon skillet (YUM) or in a toaster.

Layer baguette with bacon, ARUGULA!, and (carefully) added fried eggs.


Tim said...

How come you never brought this to pod breakfast?

Denise said...

Funny story, one time Teri caught me in the elevator, sniffed out the arugula in my bag, followed me to the pod and insisted on searching my bag, for in her magical omnipotence she knew I was trying to make this for pod breakfast and therefore required the use of an extremely contraband hotplate. She confiscated it and I barely made it back with consolation Taco C before the pod arrived.