Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meatless Mondays: Guest Post - Creamy Grits with Fresh Tomato Pan Sauce

As long as they're well seasoned, I've not met a bowl of grits I didn't like, but I know a lot of foodies who won't touch them. These lost souls love polenta, but will tell you that they don't like grits. It's probably due to having been served sub-par specimens.  It's a shame.   
Whether it's sold as one or the other seems to be a regional marketing thing.
Tomāto, tomäto? I'm not a fan of the bar-like hunks of polenta or the super-thin grits you get at some restaurants, but I appreciate this ground corn porridge in all its other forms. A marriage of the two is my favorite way to prepare it; fluffy, thick grits with a fresh tomato sauce to thin it a bit. We ate a version of this twice a month at a (lovely but expensive) brunch place 'til I realized I could make it at home for pennies a serving. It's filling and unusual and sticks to your ribs.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Meatless Mondays: Lavender Milk Bread

This bread is the product of insomnia and chick lit. When I can't sleep, I re-read. Sarah Addison Allen's "Garden Spells," fit the bill last night. When still wide awake halfway through it, I was inspired to cook from it as well. 

The story centers around a garden with  flowers which, if eaten, have magic properties. I have to admit that some of the recipes there are probably also imaginary, (though if anyone knows how honeysuckle wine could be made, I'm all ears). However, some, like the rose petal scones or chive blossom vinegar, sound real and really wonderful.